Curriculum Overview

The Curriculum offered at Holy Name Primary School is designed to enhance the students in all areas of their learning journey. We strive to have students take an active part in their own learning through developing strong personal skills that develop their management capabilities. Embedded throughout the curriculum are the skills of cooperation, problem solving, innovation, self-direction and the capacity to relate to others and manage change.

Holy Name Primary School’s curriculum encompasses a range of Contemporary processes. We are aiming for our students to become 21st Century Learners, engaged in the world that we live in and seeing their learning as important for them to develop understandings about themselves and how they learn. We believe our students should be supported to construct their own deep understanding by building on their current knowledge and making connections through conceptualizing, reflecting and analyzing. This is a continual process where the students are engaged in their own learning across all Learning Domains. Students are continually setting goals for their own learning and reflecting on these, therefore creating a personalized learning environment in each classroom, where each students needs are met.

Students and teachers have a mutual respect for each other. The learning environment at Holy Name Primary School is one that is safe, orderly and positive, allowing for students to be engaged in a range of experiences.

Our curriculum is based on the Victorian Curriculum F – 10 as developed by the Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority. This sets out  what every student  should learn during their first eleven years of schooling The curriculum is the common set of knowledge and skills required by students for life-long learning, social development and active and informed citizenship.

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 incorporates the Australian Curriculum and reflects Victorian priorities and standards

We endeavour to foster the potential of every student through a range of specialist, support and extension programs. Specialist teachers are employed in the areas of Italian, Physical Education, Visual Art and the Performing Arts. We also have an Interactive Learning Centre, where students work developing their interpersonal and personal learning skills in a range of areas.


Term 4 Curriculum Overviews

The staff at Holy Name Primary School are dedicated to designing a curriculum that encourages, engages and inspires every one of our students to achieve their personal best.

Below please find links to each Year Level’s curriculum overview. Each one summarises the learning that will take place throughout the term in all subject areas including our specialist subjects.