Sacramental Program


All year levels build on the student’s journey of faith ~ the following year levels celebrate the Sacrament:

  • Year 6 – Confirmation
  • Year 4 – First Eucharist
  • Year 3 – Penance

Families of the following year levels are invited to attend meetings which allow for reflection, sharing and learning for their own faith journeys.

  • Prep – Preps in Pyjamas – a session which helps parents understand the ways they can journey with their child and provide opportunities for prayer.
  • Three – a workshop on the Sacrament of Penance and journey through the opportunities of forgiveness which begins with the family.
  • Four – a workshop that focuses on the Eucharist
  • Six – a workshop that explores the Holy Spirit at work
  • Six – pre and post Confirmation Home Meetings which invites small groups of the candidates and their families preparing to celebrate Confirmation.