Student Wellbeing

At Holy Name School we are committed to encouraging each person in our community to explore their full potential. We acknowledge that people work and interact more effectively if they are happy, secure and stimulated.

Children are given opportunities to develop skills which promote resilience, problem solving and the ability to make good choices. We encourage empathy towards the feelings of others and respect for the rights of all. We help our children to use the life skill of setting and reflecting on goals for themselves to promote self-awareness.

Some of the ways Student Wellbeing is addressed are:

Prevention – promoting health and building belonging

  • open and safe playground
  • children’s participation in school life – school leaders, choir, outdoor education program
  • whole school recognition of positive behaviour
  • Streets Ahead Program
  • Young Ambassadors Program in conjunction with SCOPE Victoria for Years 5 & 6
  • Buddy Program

Early Intervention – strengthening coping and reducing risk

  • Individual Learning Plans
  • BounceBack ! Program
  • School nurse visits

Intervention – accessing support and providing treatment

  • Referrals to specialists e.g. Speech Pathologists, Psychologists, Educational Psychologists
  • School Counsellor
  • Behaviour Management plans

Recovery – restoring positive relationships

  • Monitoring of children with special needs
  • Awards and acknowledgement of effort and achievement