School Advisory Council

The Holy Name Primary School Advisory Council is comprised of parents, staff and our Parish Priest, Father Joe Tien. The committee meets each month and is an invaluable group within our school community.

The function of the group is to be a voice for the parent population when the school is making decisions and setting directions.

The parent representatives bring to the School Advisory Council forum, issues to be discussed and present initiatives from the parent community perspective.

The School Advisory Council is also an avenue for the school to present information about current practices, and future initiatives, to a selection of parents. The wealth of information is an important component of the decision making process when the leadership team and staff, as a whole, meet together.

The school’s Acceptable Internet Use Agreement is an example of a school initiative that was presented to the School Advisory Council, and received their ratification before being presented to the school community. Other initiatives the School Advisory Council has worked on include the introduction of an updated Home Learning Policy and introduction and discussion of an updated sexual and relationships education program. Another example is the free sunglasses program to students when they start their Prep year. All students wear sunglasses at lunch times, and outdoors, during terms one and four as part of the school’s Sun Smart policy. This was one of the first initiatives the School Advisory Council decided upon, more than ten years ago, and is still in practice today.

Remember if you have any issues or ideas that you would like to be presented in the School Avisory Council forum, please make contact with one of the members listed below.

The current members of the Holy Name Primary School Advisory Council are:

  • Father Joe Tien – (Parish Priest)
  • Caroline Galea – (Principal)
  • Derryn Ling – (Vice Principal, I.C.T. & Maths Coordinator,)
  • Vittoria Montesano-Sloan – (Parent rep)
  • Marla Paul – (Parent rep)
  • Dennis Apostolopoulos  – (Parent rep)
  • Vicky Sartor  – (Parent rep)
  • Angela Sergi  – (Parent Rep)
  • Jenni Montgomery – (Parent Rep)
  • Romel Reckerman – (Parent Rep)
  • Adrian Gervasoni – (Parent Rep)

The Holy Name School Advisory Council can be contacted through their new email address or their personal email contacts, as listed above. Otherwise, simply chat to one of it’s members.

Further information about primary school councils can be found on the following link from Parents as Partners, School Boards, Catholic Education Melbourne.